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The Global Student Challenge is introduced by the Supply Chain Finance Community to create awareness on- and stimulate development in the topic of Supply Chain Finance. This Challenge aims at identifying the best student talents and connecting them to the corporate sector. Not only does the Challenge allow the students better insight in developments in this area but by means of an internship they have a chance to kick start their career at some of the world’s leading companies.

The Challenge addresses the need for knowledge and (product) development in this area of expertise and bridges the academic with the corporate world. The Global Student Challenge aims to stimulate and improve the interaction between the corporate/banking sector and knowledge institutions.

The Cool Connection is a highly advanced business simulation that is used internationally by the world’s leading companies to train personnel up to and including executive management level in the complexities of supply chain management and supply chain finance. This new way of experiential learning is as close as you can get to reality. It provides insight in the complexities and inter-dependencies in supply chains operating under uncertain and volatile market conditions.

The Challenge provides the opportunity for students and teachers to experience this professional learning tool and connect to companies who face these complexities on a daily basis.