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Newsletter 1: 02-05-2016 The 3rd edition of the Global Student Challenge starts today!
Newsletter 2: 07-06-2016 The promising start of the Global Student Challenge!
Newsletter 3: 05-07-2016 Career Launching events for Supply Chain Talent!
Newsletter 4: 11-08-2016 The Competition is getting warmed up!
Newsletter 5: 13-09-2016 Summer ending, new semester beginnings, the fun continues!
Newsletter 6: 04-10-2016 Last chance to take on the Challenge!
Newsletter 7: 08-11-2016 National Rounds start worldwide!
Newsletter 8: 14-12-2016 The First Global Finalists have been determined!
Newsletter 9: 06-01-2017 New year with new challenges and great events!
Newsletter 10: 15-05-2017 Culture and networking biggest reward of Global Final week 2017!