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Got your attention? Good! Now to explain things:

What is the Global Student Challenge?

The Global Student Challenge is introduced by the Supply Chain Finance Community to create awareness on- and stimulate development in the topic of Supply Chain Finance.

This contest aims at identifying the best student talents and connecting them to the corporate sector.

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What’s new?

The moment of truth has arrived: The top countries have been determined! Some of the potential candidate teams are still under further investigation. In this way, we are making sure that the competition is fair for the participating teams. Keep an eye on the portal and your email, because more winners will be announced as soon as the investigation is completed.

As this year the concept of Regional Finals has been launched, the remaining finalists will be announced after the last the National Rounds have been played. The final results will be announced latest February 15th, 2017.

The session has also been opened again: all teams can now access The Cool Connection Portal and see their scores. The Top 8 teams are:

Team name University Country
NSTUstudents Novosibirsk State Technical University Russia
Euke_4G University of Economics in Bratislava Slovakia
IESteam Charles University in Prague Czech Republic
SCManga Indian Institute of Technology, BHU India
LyVuLaQu Foreign Trade University Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
COPPEAD2016 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Brazil
chameleons Athens University of Economics and Business Greece
Liefern Solutions National University of Singapore Singapore


Congratulations to all these teams! Each of you will receive a personal email with more information in due time. We are looking forward to seeing you in the Netherlands!

We also want to congratulate the rest of the teams for their efforts so far! Thank you all for your patience and your understanding. We wish you all the best of luck!

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