Your team must meet all following requirements:
  • 4 members that are from the same educational institution.
  • You and your teammates must be full time students (bachelor level and higher, incl. MBA).
  • Your graduation date must not be earlier than the end of the Qualification Period.
  • All participants agree to join The Talent Connection, which is the talent program of the Global Student Challenge.
  • There is no more than one past Global Finalist per team.
  • You are not allowed to register more than once for the Challenge.
  • You are responsible for knowing the timeline of the Challenge and making sure you are available to participate.
  • You are not allowed to share and/or exchange your login details for the simulation with other students or your teacher. This will cause technical issues in our system.
  • You need to provide the organizers with truthful and correct information in your accounts.
  • If you have any technical problems, please inform us immediately.

No, every student who is interested in the competition and meets the participation criteria is more than welcome!

Participation is completely free of charge.

All 4 members need to register and join the same team. Additionally, you need to choose a Qualification Period otherwise no logins can be sent by the system. Read the How to Guide for detailed instructions.

You can reset your password with your username and primary email here: My Account-Reset Password

Please note:
Global Student Challenge account - you registered to create the account on this website.
Simulation account – You receive the logins at the start of the chosen Qualification Period. This login only provides access to the simulation.